Our Team

Principal Investigator

Lucia Borriello, PhD

Lucia Borriello is an Incoming Assistant Professor in the Department of Cancer and Cellular Biology in the Lewis Katz School of Medicine & Fox Case Cancer Center, in Philadelphia (US).  She holds a Ph.D. in Cancer Biology and Pharmacology from the Medical University of Paris in France.  After finishing her graduate work, Lucia moved to the US and joined the laboratory of Dr. Yves DeClerck at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles & University of Southern California, LA, to study how tumor-stroma interactions drive tumor progression and therapeutic resistance. 

Intrigued by the crucial role of the tumor microenvironment in metastasis, and the power of imaging technologies to study this phenomenon, Lucia pursued a second training in the laboratory of Dr. John Condeelis and Dr. David Entenberg at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, NY. There, in collaboration with Dr. Julio Aguirre-Ghiso, she studied the role of the tumor microenvironment in tumor cell dissemination, dormancy and metastasis using novel cutting-edge imaging technology.

Dr. Borriello published ~30 research articles and reviews in respected peer-reviewed journals such as Nature Communications, Nature Methods, and Cancer Research, and she is the recipient of several fellowships and awards, including the METAvivor award.

Dr. Borriello’s lab focuses on understanding the mechanisms of tumor dormancy and metastasis. 

Teresa Jimenez Sanchez-Lugarnuevo

Assistant Scientist